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Best Compost Machine
Best Compost Machine by Compost Well: Fully Automatic with in-built curing • Low electricity consumption. • Systematic & natural process of composting • No heating process in the machine due to which there is no reduction in the nutrients. • The output takes 1-2 Hrs. for mixing and curing as compared to the Automatic machines which takes almost 24 hrs. for the whole process. • Less Labour work or process management required and also safe in handling • Produces good quality nitrogen rich organic compost. • Aeration and ventilation provision in the machine enhance the process of Composting giving an output of excellent quality of manure with high NPK Value and even helps to ward out unwanted pathogens. • 100% protection. No problem of rodent, flies, mosquitoes or insects as curing is inbuilt. • All the operating buttons of the machine are as per the settings. No confusion, just as promised. • ‘COMPOST WELL’ machine is manufactured with highest quality of tools, certified materials, blades, electronic circuits, insulated electrical connections and accessories. It is assured, the product is always safe and in top shape even after years of rugged use. Once you have the machine, you can be sure, ‘COMPOST WELL’ machine is durable and long lasting. • Silent & Odourless • Low operating cost (No need of extra man-hours) • The machine is designed so well that you can be 100% sure that the output would be a nutritious compost that will nurture the value of the soil and beautify your gardens and lawns.
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